Domino Heart

In Diary by Alun Kirby

double exposure photograph domino heart

kogoto iu aite mo araba kyô no tsuki

the moon tonight…
if only she were here
to hear me complainIssa Kobayashi, 1823

It is easy for any who have known love to feel for this domino heart – to see the ghost of it’s once whole self clinging to something that no longer exists.

Or perhaps the heart is coming together, healing…. Or finding love for the first time, and the anticipation permits a glimpse of the whole-hearted joy which is sure to come.

As a photographer I avoid ‘set-ups’; the contrivance is usually plain to see.  For me, the process feels wrong, which means the images turn out poor, empty.  This image is about as close as I have come.  Home alone, possibly slightly drunk and almost certainly feeling melancholic, missing her, of course.  Passing the hours, this image came about.  It was the only exposure made of this subject, a guess of a double exposure lit only by a small lamp off to one side.  It should be all wrong, technically.  But… perhaps it captures a little of the charm of the gentle drunk!