1000 Thanks to Plankton

This large-scale temporary installation, created together with artist Gemma Nemer, was commissioned by Wentworth Elsecar Great Place, for the WE Wonder Noir Festival in November 2019.

The brief was to create something engaging, related to the theme of environmental awareness.

Inspired by the bioluminescence of plankton, we created a 'sea' of glowing waste using over 1200 100% compostable pots and bottles. Visitors used UV torches to light up the sea and find their way to the central giant plankton, which carries messages of climate rebellion.


To creat this work we used Green and Blue LIT (luminescent paint), and the incredibly UV-reflective pigments made by Stuart Semple for CultureHustle.

The work went from commission, through concept, design, build and installation in under three weeks.