Reconstructed Memory (Associationism)

It may be said that memory is the architecture of the self. That is, we constantly build, rebuild and modify our sense of 'self' based on our current interpretation of recorded experiences.
Of all the hypotheses of how we recall memory, Associationism is perhaps the longest standing, dating back to John Locke in the 17th Century.
This work interprets the ideas of associationism and self as a sculptural form. Thousands of 35mm negatives covering 25 years of Alun's life were printed onto over 450 pieces of paper using cyanotype to reflect the architectural use of the process as blueprints. These were folded into origami forms which were then connected by associationist principles.
This work was shown as part of the KPP Prize Exhibition 'Forms Assembled in the Light', held at Sunny Bank Mills Gallery, Leeds (September 1st - October 28th 2018).
Also shown in the group show 'The Place', curated by This Must Be_ at the Grosvenor Gallery, Manchester (January 2019).

Above and Right: Installation at the Grosvenor Gallery. Images courtesy of This Must Be (with thanks to Polly Palmerini and Paul Railton).

Above: Pod showing images relating to London
Right: All surfaces were printed in the final form

Above: Over 50 pods were constructed in total
Right: A test construction, showing vertical and horizontal connections

Above: Completed work (approx. 80 x 60 x 60 cm)