Morpeth & Kirby

Vivienne Morpeth is a master feltmaker and designer / artist. Vivienne and Alun have known each other for almost 10 years. Having admired each other's work, we first exhibited together in 2015. Initial experiments led to a firmer collaboration, making items from silks and fine wools. The results were beautiful, and opened new creative possibilities for both of us as artists.
Working together in York or Lincolnshire, we are inspired by the spacious, natural forces of the Humber Estuary close to Vivienne's studio, and by the river which we repeatedly cross to work together.
Together, as Morpeth and Kirby, we create unique wearable art and wall-hung statement pieces.
Both Vivienne and Alun design the pieces, responding to each other's thoughts and ideas. Learning together, and sharing techniques, the results are a true collaborative effort.
Currently sold in Gallery Tresco, Isles of Scilly, and White Fox Gallery, Coldstream.

Above: 'Trailing Clouds of Glory' wall hanging
Right: Detail from scarf

Above & Right: 'Island' 'kerchief

Above: 'Ripples' scarf in chiffon and merino
Right: 'Sky, Fields, Tiles' scarf, also chiffon and merino