Auction for Minds & Voices Dementia Support Group

In Exhibition News by Alun Kirby

The Memory Box project created images from boxes which had spent time with people living with dementia.
All those people were part of the York Minds & Voices group.
This auction of the final three images from the project is to raise funds to help Minds & Voices carry on its incredible work, such as creating the only post-diagnosis course about living with dementia, designed and delivered by people living with dementia.

Auction runs from Friday 16th November until 5 pm Friday 30th November


Send your most generous bid by email to, or by message on twitter @AlunKirby or Instagram @AlunKirby
All images are 45 x 45 cm on archival watercolour paper, are mounted ready to frame, are colour- and lightfast, and are utterly unique!
Delivery is FREE anywhere in the world!

ITEM 1 – Peter’s Twist Box
Current bid £20

“Bright, but not too sunny here. Maybe a room with windows on more than one side, or I was moved about a bit. Even turned over! I look solid, feeling my way out from the middle”

ITEM 2 – Elaine’s Octahedron
Current bid £20

“Gentle light, mostly from one direction. I didn’t move around much, and my bottom never saw the sun. I look soft, like two shy shapes sneaking a kiss”

ITEM 3 – Maria-Elena’s Twist Box
Current bid £20

“A lovely cool shady room – a mercy in this summer! Light from one side only. I was never moved about, and never turned over. Am I a sign? Or a stained glass window?”

Above: Twist box, ready for use as a Memory Box.
Above Right: Open twist box, showing voice-activated recorder used in the project.
Right: Octahedron Memory Box (greenish) used in the project.

Left : Image during the exhibition, with words collected anonymously by the boxes.


Thank you to York Dementia Action Alliance for their incredible support in this project. Mostly, thank you to the amazing people who make up Minds and Voices. They are truly inspirational!