Half A Wish – Installation

From Oct 26th – 28th 2018, almost 500 orizuru metamophograms from the ‘One Thousandth of a Wish‘ project were installed as a hanging work.
The piece was at York Racecourse, where I was invited as an installation artist for the Art& York show.
The work had a 10 metre drop, and used 100 bouncy balls, and 1000 metres of fishing line. The intent was to create the sensation of a flock under which viewers could walk and contemplate the work.

Above left: post-installation, showing the relatively still cranes from below.

Above right: During the show, with movement.

Right: Top level

Above left: Upper part of the installation, in evening sunlight

Above right: Takedown, showing the fishing line and balls used in construction

Right: Ephemera