A photogram exposed in one form, and revealed as another
It all started with thoughts about memory and origami....

Imagine a sheet of blank paper.
Coated with light-sensitive chemicals, it gains capacity to 'remember'.
Folding it gives it a form.
This form then has 'experiences'.
These include exposure to light.
Unfolding 'kills' the form.
Developing the chemicals reveals the 'memories'.

This technique was invented by Alun to allow the capture of memory - a combination of form and experience - in visual form.
The process offers both creative freedom and serendipitous outcomes. The chosen paper, classical or abstract folding techniques, how long each form 'lives....
Each image is a unique artefact, its 'memories' of its time as a form.
Folded forms, crumpled forms, and the 'One Thousandth of a Wish' project, all explore current neuro-philosophical theories of human memory.

Origami crumpleform metamorphogram