Recent works
Above Left: Cliques & Networks (from Photographic Memory solo exhibition)

Above Right: Six Degrees of Separation (LOOK Photobiennial)

Right: Reconstucted Memory (Associationism )

Photographic Memory (solo exhibition at Dean Clough Galleries)
Six Degrees of Separation (installation for LOOK Photobiennial)
1000 Thanks to Plankton  (installation for WE Wonder Noir festival)
Commissions for York Explore and Burnholme Library
River of Heraclitus (SCAF Emerging Artist Award 2019 touring exhibition)

Currently Artist-in-Residence at York Explore Library & Archive and previously at Wentworth Woodhouse.

Alun’s work uses visual imagery and sculptural forms to address how memory makes us who we are, and how we, in turn, make memories what they are, both individually and as a society.

His works use cyanotype (cameraless photography), origami, stichcraft and other techniques.

To find out what cyanotypes are, click here!

Alun lives and works in York. A full biography and artistic statement can be found here.

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