Outreach & Lectures

It is Aluns pleasure and privilege to meet individuals and groups interested in art, history and science, and share our knowledge and enjoyment of photography.
Alun lecture on the the history of the cyanotype process and his work with it, to all levels of audience. These talks include process, chemistry, historical biography, and the role of photography in society.
Alun also lecture on the neuro-philosophical basis of memory, and how we can explore this through photography. These lectures examine how 'we are our memories', and what this means for understanding and empathising with sufferers of dementia.
He has spoken to 11-14 year olds, camera clubs, art teachers... and even the general public!

Alun is a very experienced public speaker, having spoken at major scientific conferences across the world for many years. If you are interested in discussing an event tailored to your audience, please do get in touch.
Email Alun here.