Condensed Love

In Diary by Alun Kirby

It could have happened to anyone, anywhere, at any time.  To me, it happened like this…

Walking through Botanik, a Sunday morning most likely, visiting the hothouse, quail scurrying in the shrubbery.  

kinu-ginu ya
kasumu made miru
imo ga ie

lovers parting…
looking back at her house
until only mistIssa Kobayashi, 1794

On a glass door between rooms, she does this.  Only a quick movement of finger on glass, some water displaced.  A simple shape, yet so complex an expression.

In a world with a seemingly ever decreasing vocabulary perhaps we need more such images, a return to the hieroglyph as a way to bypass the common modern disability of being able to say what it is we are feeling.

The picture is rushed, trying to catch the feelings that themselves catch the breath in one’s throat.  The focus is not perfect, the light is poor, but the symbol, the simplicity of expression is so strong nothing else need be said.