Working with the archivists at York Explore Library and Archive, this residency aims to highlight the work and content of the archive through visual storytelling. The archive acts as a ‘memory box’ for the city of York. What is remembered in the archive becomes what happened in the city. You may search the Archive here.
Archival Stained Glass
Hanging History

head of a childArchival Stained Glass The archive contains a significant collection deposited by the Knowles family. Three generations of Knowles family members were among the greatest of stained glass painters, working in the city for over 100 years until the mid 20th Century.
stained glass sacrilege posterThis residency work utilizes glass plate negatives, personal notebooks, and public documents as source material to create a new ‘stained glass window’. This new window will be installed in early December, 2017.
heads of a woman Engagement with the window will be supported by small panels taken from the window placed around the library, together with information on content.
draft stained glass window
cafe window

Hanging History ‘Hanging History is a working title for the second residency project based on the York Archive. The archive is a product of the people who have deposited, collated, restored, digitized, and otherwise added to the entirety of the archive contents. This residency work will tell stories about those people; the contributors, the archivists, the volunteers, all of whom sift and sort a city’s memories into coherence. The archive sits above the main library rooms. This work will hang below three octagonal glass domes, above the library space, encouraging visitors to ‘look up’ to the Archive and engage with its stories.
library domesJA Knowles