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Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band of Holy Joy Division

Sigue Sigue Sputnik Kershaw
Scritti Polittijuana Brass
Blood Klaaatu tu

Peggy Lee Marvin Gaye Bikers on Acid Mothers Temple

The Tragically Hip Replacements
Pere Ubu Radleys
Rolling Stone Roses
Gang of Four Tet
Pan Sonic Youth
Grateful Dead Kennedys
Heavy StereoLabradford

Cliff Richard D James Dean Bradfield

Bruce Gilbert & Sullivan
Sviatoslav Richter Scale
Yo La Tengo Betweens
Sunburned hand of the Man Seezer
The The Beatles
Blondie Toten Hosen
Frank Zappapa Roach
The Velvet Underground Resistance
A.R. Kane Gang

Wee sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie boys


Narcoleptic Tac Toe
Crack Pipe Dream
Wake Up Call Center
Open Wide Awake
Slumber Party Pooper
Bed Time Out
Silence is Golden Slumbers
Nuclear Power Nap

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Runaway Bride of Frankenstein

Three Musketeers Before Bedtime
Angel Heart of Darkness
Godfather of the Bride
Resident Evil Dead
Dawn of the Dead Ringers

Born Free Willy

Michael Caine & Abel
Dirty Harry Potter
True Romancing the Stone
American Graffiti Bridge

In the Heat of the Night of the Living Dead


Glasgow Kiss My Arse

Migraine of Truth
Biologic Gate
Nasal Congestion Charge
Emotionally Raw Data
Fireman’s Lift Attendant
Pandora’s Boxing Gloves
Dream-time Wasting
Direct Action Man
Intellectual Property is Theft
Narrow Mind Games
Make Love Letters
Desk Toy Shop
Table Salt Mine
Naked Lunch Box
My Bloody Valentine’s Day Card
Continental Drift into Unconciousness
Asterix the Gallstone

Media whore of babylon

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once great britain

Collateral Damage Limitation
Martial Law and Order
Uncle SAM
Full Stop War
Second Chamber Pot
Presidential Speech Therapy
Sugar Free & Fair Elections

prozac nation of islamophobia

Finger Print Preview
Suicide Bomber Jacket
Living Will of the People
Ground Zero Tolerance
Geiger Counter Revolutionary
New Labour Camp

two wrongs don’t make a right to bear arms

Wastepaper Bin Laden
Arms Race Relations
Wage Slave Riot
Blanket Policy Failure

united kingdom come

Out of Control Orders
Fat Cat Nap
Hidden Agenda Bias
Senseless Killing Machine
Stop War Crime
Double Think Tank


Apple of my Eye Teeth
Mini Mac the Knife
Much Better Yet
Brotherly Love Triangle
Porn Star Wars
Deoxyribonucleic Acid Trip
D. N. A. O. K.
Biological Clockwork Orange
Genetic Material Girl
GM Crop Circle
Head Butt Plug
Pussy Whipped Cream
Crash Land of Nod
Black Hole in-one
Seminal Work Force
Tradesmens Entrance Fee
Style Police Brutality