No G in Jesus

In Previously by Alun Kirby

This image has haunted me for over 18 years now. I post it again in case it haunts someone else too.

Corner of Seven Sisters Road and Green Lanes, North East London, July 31st, 1999.

Sticker, ink on gummed paper, 3 x 1.5 cm (approx).No G in Jesus

It was a typical London summer afternoon, we were visiting friends for a party. Outside Manor House tube, as she called for directions, I noticed this sticker on one of the lamp-posts.

Grubby, tiny and plain, but it was noticed.

No G In Jesus?

London is plagued by stickers; ubiquitous and insidious. 
But they have a purpose: advertisement. Lurid, blunt, mindless urgings to buy / visit / read.
‘No G in Jesus’ shows no allegiance to any one or any thing.
This is not an advertisement, but a philosophical statement.

no g in jesusStickers, posters and the like are an ever-evolving biofilm covering every unattended surface in the city.  They fight for space and are subject to attack from the weather, grime, other posters…
Remnants of at least three other stickers are present in the image, but only ‘No G in Jesus’ is intact, despite the signs of age it clearly displays.

‘No G in Jesus’ is a wonderful manifestation of the strangeness abounding in big cities.  It becomes normal to witness something astounding every day, something incredible on a regular basis, and something incomprehensible every so often.

‘No G in Jesus’ is also a fabulous expression of humanity.  Someone cared enough, for whatever reason, to have this sticker printed, to take them out and stick them on random objects for no other reason or reward than the personal knowledge that they had done so.  I thank them for their efforts.

Do you know anything about this sticker? Let me know.