Let Us Satisfy Our Eyes

In Exhibition News by Alun Kirby

The Archive at York Explore is a memory box for the City, full of fragments, reminders, facts, conjecture, gossip and whimsy. It is, as are all such resources, a selective memory, analogous to a description of human memory, in that "you do not remember what happened - what you remember becomes what happened.” (John Green). Even this is an incomplete statement, since the context in which you remember, alters (reconstructs) the memory itself.
The process of making ‘Let Us Satisfy Our Eyes’ examined the memories saved by the Knowles family, as collected by the three stained glass painters of the family - JW, JA and JE Knowles – and collated as the Knowles Collection. From these, a new memory was constructed.
Below are shown the individual panels of the final work, a “stained glass window” entitled ‘Let Us Satisfy Our Eyes’. Also shown are some of the source materials used.

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let us satisfy our eyesFrom Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'let us satisfy our eyesSt William Window canopycrownscrowns and keyscity of beautiful glassEast window st michael le belfryheadsFamily treesacrilegest william window