Tao of Taos

In Diary by Alun Kirby

Taos is a small, New Mexico mountain town, a base for nearby skiing.  Wandering around in Spring sunshine, several residents caught the eye.  Zen masters, every one.

Taos Hound  Beyond the dog, the decrepit pick-up, the run-down porch, the mountains.  If we can learn how to see, the mountains can be a mirror.  This porch can show us eternity.  This hound can teach us how to live.
you ain’t nothing but a hound dog{zen compliment, for a hound}

Just standing, seeing, still.

Door Dog  R.H. Blyth talks of living the poetic life, in which one aspires to those moments of communion with the whole, in which one sees the nature of things and, through them, glimpse the universe.  ‘One flower is the Spring; a falling leaf has the whole of Autumn, of every Autumn, of the eternal, the timeless Autumn of each thing and of all things’

the moon and flowers
forty-nine years walking about
wasting timeIssa Kobayashi
Attempting a poetic view, the apparent age of the dog, it’s peaceful ‘being’… one may see it’s life from pup to this point and witness no regret or longing for past or future.  There is only acceptance of the quiet, home, this moment. This view blossoms to the life of all dogs, and onwards….

Boneyard Dogs  Just wandering, these two.

the old dog
leads the way…
visiting gravesIssa Kobayashi, 1823
Plots for sale are of no concern.  A cross? Two sticks.

Closed gates, fences, no matter.

Death? A butterfly!

Such a beautiful day.