One Thousandth of a Wish (large)


Unique cyanotype metamorphogram images based on a Japanese folk tale. Starting as origami cranes, each is transformed into a beautiful image on archival tissue paper.

These are NOT prints or copies – each is created individually. Each is signed, dated and numbered by the artist.

Free postage anywhere in the UK!



The ‘One Thousandth of a Wish’ project involves making 1000 origami cranes as cyanotype metamorphograms.

Because of the processes used, each crane is absolutely unique. Made using archival tissue paper, these images are a beautiful reminder of the effort it takes to make a wish come true!

The images show examples of colour and pattern variation these amazing transformed objects, which results from the unique experience of each one during the making process.

The cranes come in three size ranges. The large sizes range from 20 – 25 cm square. Your one-thousandth of a wish will be chosen at random.

All are signed, numbered and dated by the artist.

Postage anywhere in the UK is included.

For international orders please contact us first.

Time 1 h – £12.50 (coating paper, folding, exposing, monitoring, developing, finishing)
Materials – £0.50
Studio costs – £2.00
Contribution to development time, testing, failures,  etc. – £1.00
Contribution to packing material and postage costs £1.50